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Traditionally Used For Healthy Blood Circulation

BioNatto Plus is a enhanced formulation combining Nattokinase NSD-SD®, French maritime pine bark extract and grape seed extract. Nattokinase NSK-SD® is a patented extract made of fermented soy bean (natto). It is clinically proven to improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Each capsule contains:

  • Fermented Soybean Extract (NSK-SD®) 50 mg
  • French Pine Bark Extract 50 mg (standardized to min. 95% Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins OPC)
  • Grape Seed Extract 50 mg (standardized to min. 95% proanthocyanidins)

Each bottle contains 60 vegetable capsules.

NSK-SD® (Natural Super Kinase-Sprayed Dried) is proprietary product of Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co., Ltd. of Japan.

Manufactured in Malaysia in collaboration with Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co. Ltd. (JBSL) of Japan. Dynamic Nutrition is a member of Japan NattoKinase Association (JNKA)

Approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MAL20116071TC)

Therapeutic: 2 capsules twice daily preferably after breakfast & dinner
Maintenance: 1-2 capsules once daily preferably after meal

Store in a dry place below 30°C. Protect from light and moisture.
Keep out of reach of children.


Subscription Plan: Take Regularly And Consistently

We are glad to introduce our new subscription program. Here’s why you should join our subscription plan:

  • Never run out of BioNatto Plus again.
  • We will deliver BioNatto Plus to your doorstep on a regular basis automatically.
  • Enjoy more savings.
  • There is no obligation and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

2 boxes  – 5% off
3 boxes  – 15% off
3 boxes per 6 weeks – 20% off
3 boxes per 12 weeks – 20% off (maintenance dose)


Free delivery.

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67 reviews for BioNatto Plus

  1. CS Chan

    I am suffering from angina and insomnia.

    In Year 2009 one night I could not sleep and barely sleep for 2 hours only, that has been going on for couple of week so I decide to go for medical check up.
    The result said that my heart is fine but my blood pressure is a little high which is 140/90, so they diagnose me for hypertension. After taking the blood pressure medication for almost 2 year with no improvement so I decide to stop the medication.

    Most of the time my heart pumping is not stable and I can feel that, but when I tell this to the doctor he said that I am suffering from anxiety. So I do a research in the internet and found natto.
    After reading about natto I understand that there are many type of natto in the market, so I found bionatto and it from Malaysia, so i can order easily.

    After taking for 3 months I feel my angina is less a bit, not so much pain. so continue for almost a year I feel that my angina is on and off, and I start to wonder is the bionatto right for me?
    But I decide to continue further, right one and half year, one morning when I wake up, my upper heart arteries and lower heart arteries tingling, I can feel something is moving in my arteries
    and after that my heart feel a lot lighter, from that point I know that bionatto is doing its job, if I continue another 2-3 year I think all my blockage will eventually be cleared.


  2. Liaw Sun Li

    I felt numbness in my hands and every morning my hands, neck and legs feel very tight. After 1 week after trying bionatto, I can see some improvement my hands and legs feel much more comfortable. Now after continuing for 6 months, I no longer feel any numbness or tightness.

  3. Teh Her Teoh

    I had bad liver index and high cholesterol. Before bionatto, I have frequent pain in the chest, hand and legs. I was unable to continue my morning exercise.

    My doctor ask me to go for heart operation but i was very reluctant. So I try to research and found bionatto. After taking regular for 1 month, my chest, hand and leg pain disappeared.

    Recently i start to do my morning exercise again. I feel much better and feel no more pain. I even went for blood donation last week.

  4. Vincent Tan

    I have improved substantially but my panting and pain still persist when climbing 2 flight of staircase, it is still a problem to me. Hopefully BioNatto can further help to reduce my pain.

  5. Chuan Ah Kau

    My whole family taking this supplement for a long while. I personally feel good as my numbness of my fingers gone.

  6. Kelvin Yow

    Bionatto is good for blood circulation and it helps to cure my morning sickness @ runny nose

  7. Loh Kok Meng

    My mother in law has been taking bionatto since last year. After she had stroke, bionatto helped her recovery and reduce the numbness on her legs

  8. Jagathesan (verified owner)

    After I consuming bio natto I fill my blood clock reduce. realy amasing produck I already take 3to four bottle ready I will continue this produck tq

  9. Abd Jamil Abdullah (verified owner)

    my systolic and diastolic reduced by 10 units

  10. tee liokhoo (verified owner)

    I just took bioNatto for about 2 months only. I felt there is improvement in my blood pressure, i hope it will give me further improvement in the coming months

  11. AZLAN BIN BAHARI (verified owner)

    I consumed Bio Natto since 2014. My blood pressure reading dropped to an acceptable level (according to my age). I feel healthy compared to before and even my colleague notice the changes in my health. Good product…

  12. Anas Azmi (verified owner)

    It’s improve the BP reading and heal the numbness.

  13. JOAN L HARDING (verified owner)

    I used to have headaches but since I started to take BioNatto that has stopped.
    Waiting for my next appointment with the doc to check on my pressure

  14. Mariati (verified owner)

    After consuming 2 bottles i see no difference in lowering the hypertension yet.



  16. David Hedges (verified owner)

    Last year I suffered from DVTs and pulmonary embolism. I sincerely believe BioNatto helps with blood flow to prevent further clots.

  17. Abdul

    I am taking Bionatto and my blood pressure is improving ..confirm by my doctor during my last checkup..keep taking ….thanks.

  18. Steven Hoh (verified owner)

    Good supplement to manage high blood pressure …

  19. Tan Kin Hor (verified owner)

    It has helped lower my BP.

  20. Koh Yaw Hui (verified owner)

    Helps to lower my BP from 145/95 to 122/85

  21. DORIS LOU (verified owner)

    Seemed to keep my BP down at norm range.

  22. SK LEE

    Experienced frozen shoulders for many years. BioNatto helps to alleviate this problem. My blood pressure has also improved.

  23. Samuel Ng (verified owner)

    Seem like my blood pressure reading had drop compare to before consume BioNatto, however, I also do exercise at the same time, so not sure which impact more.

  24. Sukiyaki

    21Oct16,bought 2bottle.let see any changes/improvementon my BP.

  25. ramaan

    iam going thru high blood presure in the last 1year. thou i am taking presure tablets, it’s shooting high 210/110 then come bacl too norm.165/90.inconsistences.

  26. J.kulwant singh


  27. Kung Lay Theng (verified owner)

    With the increasing of age, it’s a good supplement to my health care.

  28. Hasni H. (verified owner)

    I feel more energized upon waking up in the morning.

  29. GiokLoon C. (verified owner)

    Very beneficial as supplement as my blood pressure and pulse rate stabilise after consuming Bio Natto

  30. Swee Ling S. (verified owner)

    Taking BioNatto in addition to taking prescribed medication for hypertension. Blood pressure now quite stable and within normal range.

  31. Tay T. (verified owner)

    my husband has been taking your bio natto for years and he is happy with your product.

  32. Veronica S. (verified owner)

    Blood pressure reduced

  33. Allan T.

    i have been taking bionatto for the past few years already and i must say its a very good product.previously i bought it from a organic shop and since the middle of last year i bought it directly from dynamic online store.

    i have read the brochure and found that its very good for high bp or high cholesterol,however,i just stop for a month after consuming it for a few years.

    i am also taking other supplements as well,esp grapeseed extract,bitter melon,milk thistle & dandelion.dr request me to stop all my suplement bcoz my recent blood test showed that my platelets count was low at i resumed back taking bionatto after dinner 2 tablets for health maintenance.”

  34. Ai Leng C. (verified owner)

    cholesterol reduce

  35. Er Siong F.

    Not bad

  36. Rajendran R. (verified owner)

    I feel my blood circulation and BP better now

  37. Mohd. Yusuff (verified owner)

    After I tried to find out this BioNatto there was a change, so before I tried other drugs but did not work, so I was satisfied because of his progress

  38. Alimi I. (verified owner)

    use it to maintain blood pressure

  39. Alison Y.

    i feel better overall

  40. Maila (verified owner)

    Its really help to my hypertension no numbness already good for indegestion

  41. TAN SS (verified owner)

    So far the product is good

  42. N. Mahani (verified owner)

    My son who is a doctor himself read the research papers on bio-natto and told me to keep taking the supplement

  43. Ronald S.

    This supplement lower my cholesterol levels

  44. Asmah S. (verified owner)

    I used to experience panting and difficulty breathing especially when i had a long walk but after taking Bio natto for two bottles the panting had totally disappeared. From thennon I carry on taking Bio Natto

  45. Edward Y. (verified owner)

    BP controlled

  46. Siew Jen C. (verified owner)

    more energetic during daytime

  47. JS Yong

    first order through web. The product arrived within two .. happy with the speedy response and delivery.

  48. Jeya P. (verified owner)

    Leg pain reduced

  49. Keng Sin L. (verified owner)

    bad cholesterol is drop

  50. Yee Peng (verified owner)

    it improves my blood pressure and circulation

  51. Johnny Lin (verified owner)

    Just feel good after taking the products. Been taking it daily (2 capsules) before going to sleep.

  52. Phoebe lim peizhen

    Seems like mo difference yet.

  53. Mey (verified owner)

    My husband didn’t consume for long. Therefore still cant see any significant result. But we decided to continue consume from now

  54. Alex (verified owner)


  55. Erin (verified owner)

    It has been great

  56. DAVY C. (verified owner)

    blood pressure more stable and under control

  57. Ho Cheng Hock (verified owner)

    So far so good. Blood pressure reduce.

  58. ALIMI IBRAHIM (verified owner)

    very good

  59. K. Tuan Pin (verified owner)


  60. Joanne


  61. Eddie C.

    Helps control my cholesterol level

  62. Kymberlee L. (verified owner)

    My BP reading improved after taking Bionatto.

  63. Johnny L. (verified owner)

    I have high blood pressure and have been taking BioNatto every night (before going to sleep) 3-4 years ago. My HBL some how or rather has been better and most importantly, am feeling good about the product and never experienced any side effects. I will continue taking it and no hesitant to recommend the product to my friends.

  64. Ng Wei S.

    bionatto 我父母长期使用,改善睡眠和血液循环很好。不再会颈椎紧绷。

  65. S. E. Tan (verified owner)

    Improvement shown in cardiovascular health

  66. James S. (verified owner)

    Helps bp

  67. Lee FH (verified owner)

    Blood pressure down quite significant after 3 months continious consumption.

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What is BioNatto Plus?

BioNatto Plus is a enhanced formulation combining Nattokinase NSD-SD®, French maritime pine bark extract and grape seed extract.

Nattokinase NSK-SD® is a patented extract made of fermented soy bean (natto). It is clinically proven to improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

French pine bark extract is one of the most powerful antioxidants in fighting free radicals. It is rich in several bioflavonoids that have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Grape seed extract contains a high concentration polyphenol flavonoid complexes which are beneficial to cardiovascular health.


Benefits of BioNatto Plus

  • Clinically proven to dissolve and prevent unhealthy blood clots
  • Support healthy blood pressure levels
  • Reduce numbness in hands and feet
  • Support Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Relief deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and varicose veins
  • Support overall cardiovascular health
  • Reduce unhealthy cholesterol (LDL)


1. Nattokinase NSK-SD®

  • dissolves blood clot
  • improves blood circulation


2. French Pine Bark Extract


3. Grape Seed Extract

Additional information


BioNatto Plus is a enhanced formulation combining Nattokinase NSD-SD®, French maritime pine bark extract and grape seed extract. Nattokinase NSK-SD® is a patented extract made of fermented soy bean (natto). It is clinically proven to improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.


Each capsule contains:

– Fermented Soybean Extract (NSK-SD®) 50 mg
– French Pine Bark Extract 50 mg
– Grape Seed Extract 50 mg

Each bottle contains 60 vegetable capsules.


Therapeutic: 2 capsules twice daily preferably after breakfast & dinner
Maintenance: 1-2 capsules once daily preferably after meal


Registration certificate no: MAL20116071TC, issued by Drug Control Authority, Ministry of Health Malaysia

*Disclaimer: The reviews for this product are provided by our customers and they should not be taken as medical advises.
Please note that the effects of our products vary from person to person.
Here is our full medical disclaimer

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