BioNatto Plus

Traditionally used for improving blood circulation

What is BioNatto Plus?

BioNatto Plus is an enhanced formulation combining Nattokinase NSD-SD®, French maritime pine bark extract and grape seed extract.

Nattokinase NSK-SD® is a patented extract made of fermented soy bean (natto). It is clinically proven to improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

French pine bark extract is one of the most powerful antioxidants in fighting free radicals. It is rich in several bioflavonoids that have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Grape seed extract contains a high concentration polyphenol flavonoid complexes which are beneficial to cardiovascular health.

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We are definitely alarmed by the presence of counterfeit product affecting our customers and we are taking immediate action against the counterfeiters.

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Benefits of BioNatto Plus


Clinically proven to dissolve and prevent unhealthy blood clots


Support healthy blood pressure levels


Reduce numbness in hands and feet


Support Deep Vein Thrombosis


Relief deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and varicose veins


Support overall cardiovascular health


Reduce unhealthy cholesterol (LDL)

Nattokinase NSK-SD®


Clinically Proven To Dissolve Blood Clots


Natto is a traditional Japanese food produced through a fermentation process and adding Bacillus natto, a beneficial bacterium to boiled soybean. Natto has been used in Japanese culture for over 1000 years for its popular taste and as a folk remedy.

BioNatto Plus carries genuine Nattokinase NSK-SD® (Natural Super Kinase-Sprayed Dried) that has been tested for safety and efficacy. Nattokinase NSK-SD® is fermented using patented fermentation process and strain of bacillus subtilis natto. Its Vitamin K2 also removed using patented technology. NSK-SD® is proprietary product and registered trademark of Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co. Ltd. of Japan.

How blood clots formed ?

blood clots


Blood clotting is a natural process that helps your body stop bleeding after you’ve been cut or injured. Once you start healing, your body is designed to automatically break down and dissolve blood clots, or thickened clumps of blood.

However, not all blood clots play a helpful role. If your body forms clots too easily or doesn’t allow them to dissolve properly (or both), the clots can block or restrict blood flow inside your veins and arteries.

How will blood clots affect us ?

blood clots


Blood clots will deposit at the artery wall and cause arteriosclerosis. Once you develop a blood clot, you may experience:

  • High blood pressure
  • Leg pain, swelling, redness and warmth, which are symptoms of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or varicose veins cause by blood clots in the leg
  • Problems speaking or understanding speech, intense headache, paralysis or dizziness, which may be symptoms of a blood clot in your brain’s carotid artery that may be causing a stroke
  • Shortness of breath or pain in your chest, arm, shoulder or jaw, which are possible symptoms of a clot that could be causing a heart attack

How Nattokinase NSK-SD® helps



Nattokinase NSK-SD® is clinically proven to dissolve and prevent unhealthy blood clots. The results of human clinical studies conducted in the USA, Korea and Japan has shown that the intake of Nattokinase NSK-SD® has resulted in statistically significant reduction in blood pressure of patients ranging from 20 to 80 years of age

Can I take Nattokinase NSK-SD® if I’m already taking anticoagulants (e.g. blood thinners)?

Short answer: Yes.

Why? Natto is a rich source of Vitamin K2. However, Vitamin K2 is known to interact and reduce the effectiveness of anticoagulants like blood thinner and people taking such medication are usually advised by their doctors not to take large amount of Vitamin K. Vitamin K2 is removed from Nattokinase NSK-SD® using a patented process to allow people who are taking anticoagulants like blood thinner to benefit from Nattokinase NSK-SD®.

Always ensure that you are taking genuine Nattokinase NSK-SD® as other natto products may not be suitable for you.

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Relaxes & Strengthens Blood Vessels

French pine bark extract is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world in fighting the corrosive free radicals that damage the body cells. It is rich in several bioflavonoids that have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

French pine bark extract may significantly contribute to the normalization of blood pressure and platelet function, improvement of blood lipids as well as reducing inflammation. Clinical studies demonstrate the efficacy of French pine bark extract for keeping cardiovascular health problems at bay.

Research has found that French pine bark extract helps maintain healthy circulation by increasing the production of endothelial nitric oxide. This results in vasodilation of blood vessels, thus improving blood flow.



French pine bark extract helps make blood platelets less “sticky”, helping to reduce blood clots. In addition, it also enhances the body’s own response to counteract blood vessel constriction resulting in normalizing the blood vessel diameter.

Furthermore, the antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties of French park bark extract can help relax the blood vessels and connective tissues.

Finally, studies demonstrate that French pine bark extract is a natural option for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. By supplementing with French pine bark extract, it was found to lower the “bad” (LDL) cholesterol while increasing the “good” (HDL) cholesterol.

French Pine Bark Extract improves cardiovascular health

pine bark benefits

Grape Seed Extract

For The Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

The use of grape seed extracts to prevent cardiovascular disease can be traced to the so-called “French Paradox.” Evidence of cholesterol’s role in atherosclerosis was suggested by epidemiological evidence showing that the residents of countries with higher dietary fat intake tended to have higher mortality and morbidity from cardiovascular diseases. However, the populations of a number of Mediterranean countries, France in particular, did not fit the pattern. “French paradox” is the belief that drinking wine protects people living in France from developing heart disease. Flavonoids found in red wine may help to protect the heart by lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

How does grape seed extract work?

The cardio protective mechanism of action for grape seed extract is due to its antioxidants. LDL-cholesterol circulating in the blood can be oxidized by free radicals. Oxidized LDL then forms foam cells that deposit significant amounts of cholesterol in the lining of arteries.

Arteriosclerosis occurs when arteries grow thick and stiff and restrict blood flow to organs and tissues in the body. This gradual process, also known as hardening of the arteries, weakens arteries and can develop in various organs, most commonly the heart.

Grape seed extract contains a high concentration of Proanthocyanidins, a class of polyphenol flavonoid complexes which are known to possess the strongest antioxidant effect among polyphenols contained in red wine. Numerous studies have shown that taking grape seed extract is effective in lowering total cholesterol & LDL cholesterol and reducing markers of inflammation.



Product Information


Each capsule contains:

  • Fermented Soybean Extract (NSK-SD®) 50 mg
  • French Pine Bark Extract 50 mg (standardized to min. 95% Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins OPC)
  • Grape Seed Extract 50 mg (standardized to min. 95% proanthocyanidins)

Each bottle contains 60 vegetable capsules.

100% plant-based product. Capsules are made of vegetable capsules.

NSK-SD® (Natural Super Kinase-Sprayed Dried) is proprietary product of Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co., Ltd. of Japan.

Manufactured in Malaysia in collaboration with Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co. Ltd. (JBSL) of Japan. Dynamic Nutrition is a member of Japan NattoKinase Association (JNKA)

Approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MAL20116071TC) 


Therapeutic: 2 capsules twice daily preferably after breakfast & dinner
Maintenance: 1-2 capsules once daily preferably after meal


Store in a dry place below 30°C.
Protect from light and moisture.
Keep out of reach of children.


Dynamic Nutrition
April 19, 2023

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